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Roger Nehring commented on the group 'the Hut by the River'
"Say, instead of a cave, perhaps you should get the mister some headphones."
7 hours ago
Roger Nehring commented on the group 'the Hut by the River'
"It is typically called cabin fever brought on by cold and icy, snowy weather.  But people are certainly sick of snow.  yesterday we had a flurry of snow pellets yesterday. I was amused but only because it was a freak since the temp was 50f."
7 hours ago
Florence Rastogi commented on the group 'the Hut by the River'
"Elections are happening in India these days, it will take 5 weeks for votes to be casted all over India. Mercifully my husband and i will be in a train to Calcutta (direction Sikkim) the night the results will be announced on the 10th of next month.…"
12 hours ago
Deanna Hopper commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
""forgets to swim to the surface" . . . nasty close to the edge there bud. Reminds me of the time I watched the police pull a body out of a pond. Poor old drunks hung out near that pond a lot and it was a safe bet he was one of them. My…"
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Do U Love That Body...'
"This is why Robin Hood came good. History repeating it's self is common place everywhere in the world. The only countries not rebelling are the democracies, why, simply because they have become conditioned into submission by the corrupt…"
Lotophage commented on the blog post 'Do U Love That Body...'
" Taxman, with a bonus album"
Lotophage commented on the blog post 'Do U Love That Body...'
"Good morning to all. Happy and free to avoid Tax and tribute to the machine. Another anniversary for sovereignty."
Rehn Kovacic replied to the discussion 'Haiku Corner' in the group Tricycle Community Poetry Club
"The last daffodil summer in the breeze. --Rehn"

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The last daffodil summer in t…

The last daffodil
in the breeze.

         . daffodils nod sp…


daffodils nod

spring snow whitens 

way forward


spring sweeping

snowy steps

cat stops 





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This Body of Mine

Phra Ajaan Suwat Suvaco

Confront the body, calm the mind

When meditators' minds have reached genuine happiness in the dhamma through their mindfulness and discernment, clearly seeing the four noble truths, none of them—not one—will revert to looking for happiness in the world or in material things. That's because happiness in the dhamma is a lasting happiness: solid, refined, and genuinely pure. If you compare worldly happiness with the happiness of the dhamma, you'll see that there's not even the least real happiness to it. It offers nothing but stress, nothing but drawbacks. So why do we think it's happiness? Because we're burning with pain. We look to worldly happiness and pleasures to relieve the pain, which then goes away for a while but then comes back again.

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Enlightening Conversations: The Importance of Friendship

A discussion with Jungian analyst Polly Young-Eisendrath and Buddhist author Mark Matousek

“Friendship is a binding glue in all mature, loving relationships.”

In this exclusive conversation, Jungian analyst and mindfulness teacher Polly Young-Eisendrath speaks with Buddhist author Mark Matousek on the importance of friendship for our psychological and spiritual growth. “People don’t give friendship the importance it deserves, especially when they think about how it teaches us to love," says Matousek. "If lovers are depicted face-to-face, deeply in love, then friends should be depicted side-by-side, ready to take on the world together.”

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Peter Matthiessen, Writer and Zen Priest, Dies at 86

Alex Caring-Lobel

Peter Matthiessen—prolific author, naturalist, activist, and Zen priest—passed away at his home in Sagaponack, NY, on Saturday, April 5. He was 86.

His death—three days prior to the release of his newest novel, In Paradise—marks the end of his struggle with leukemia, for which he was undergoing chemotherapy.

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