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Florence Rastogi commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"FWIW, Bronco, i don't loath Britain. Some of my best friends are British. Most of them, however, know some more facts than you do, about the legacies by the old British Empire in India : Yes, the B.E. installed some networks of trains in India,…"
6 hours ago
Mark Drew commented on the group 'Disabled and Chronic Illness'
"The Writer's Almanac American Public Media Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2016 Looking at a Lizard by Barry Spacks Listen Online My only purpose this moment is looking at a lizard. Does he know he’s not alone? He breathes with tiny push-ups, his skin…"
8 hours ago
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Sedentary To Greed...'
"It has to be DT, for America, surely. Says things as thinks them, and no doubt will implement whatever needs to be implemented...Britain currently is leaderless, as both remaining parties fall apart. It could not have arrived at a better time, as…"
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"There has never ever been any disrespect MD, and you should know that. Good honest open dialogue is the way forwards. Even so, I will have nobody make condemnations towards my country. Flo, appears to have this loathing for Britain, well she will…"
Mark Drew commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"Martin, I never said I had any "new beginning" to anything  - any comments that I have posted are self-contained (if one should actually read them) and need no further exegesis. FWIW, I have "started?" no truths (that is…"
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"No more jingoism, patriotism. No more xenophobia, hatred towards others. The new world order has begun. Out with the old, in with the new. So then How Many MD, FR, have you admitted into your fold for life. Repeating what I say, is stalling…"
Mark Drew commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"We were talking immigration, and still ducked my question Nobody has ducked any questions - you categorically refuse to rec0gzine the answers Brexit, has not been mentioned Oh come on!! at least be a tad bit consistent Comment by Bronco on…"
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"A few weeks ago, the Dalai lama, arrived over here. He mentioned the dangers of immigration. Nobody knows better than this man., When China, invaded his beloved  country of Tibet, way back when. By the way Brexit, has not been mentioned you…"

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you read her your very best t…

you read her your very best

too windy, she says 

try something else . . . maybe haiku

the first line requires a thousand years before you even start

the last line belongs to infinity

you have fallen well short of both

you best get started

so I begin

and live here, now . . .

Merci Florence. Taking in the…

Merci Florence.

Taking in the bird feeder at night, now — when I remember.         One of the sweeter acts of behavior by a monkey, I imagine. Are hibiscus blooms a temptation?

         maple falls 

    splashing  pond

mid soup 


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