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Bronco commented on the blog post 'Tibetan Buddhism and the Sleeping vs Awakening Brain'
" Yes MD. Something the scientist accused me of not being. Empathetic. towards herself of course..."
5 hours ago
Mark Drew commented on the blog post 'Tibetan Buddhism and the Sleeping vs Awakening Brain'
"... it is the folks who are different, who challenge rigid conventional perception, who are Nature's teachers to the world, who likewise provide folks with the opportunity to step outside themselves, to access higher, more complex (less…"
13 hours ago
AwakenAware commented on the blog post 'Tibetan Buddhism and the Sleeping vs Awakening Brain'
"A huge part of higher Consciousness is...empathy..., the ability to step outside yourself long enough, as well as on impulse, to walk in someone else's shoes, to feel their feelings, experience their experiences, recognize needs from their…"
19 hours ago
Jack Freudenheim is now a member of The Tricycle Community
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Splitting The Atom...'
" Fortunately, I have travelled around this beautiful and rugged, big wide world. And with eternal thanks to Buddha, I was fortunate enough to discover me..."
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Splitting The Atom...'
"Nowadays the heart has been ripped out of people, and it is showing. Here we all are in a world of technology, where common sense, fun and laughter don't belong. And it is showing quite dramatic changes, which too are not good. International…"
Sukadev Bretz posted a video

Sundaram chants Om Mata Jaya

This recording is from a Saturday evening Satsang at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg. Sundaram chants Om Mata Jaya. Enjoy this deeply touching chant and sing alon...
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Splitting The Atom...'
"Silence is golden, yet today when the form awoken. Went onto Facebook, checking my political agenda. Nothing goes away, sadly comedy is non existent nowadays due to those changes. Someone wrote an article, as follows. I hate those terrorists.…"

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