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Roger Nehring commented on the group 'the Hut by the River'
"That was my point in reviling this boondoggle, what good is it going to do after an initial bump?  Counterfeiters are not going to stop, merely switch to the acceptable bills, as you mentioned. People who keep there black money in cash, and…"
5 hours ago
Florence Rastogi commented on the group 'the Hut by the River'
"Actually this was one measure i approved, at first.. like most Indians did. It was supposed to radically hit at black money, corruption money, counterfeit money (introduced via Pakistan, and supposed to be used for terrorist activities). Like…"
11 hours ago
Howard posted a blog post

"Please remain still", and Zazen corrections

How strict should Zazen be for newcomers?   Make it too lax and maybe it doesn't mean much anymore. Make it too strict and maybe the newcomers never come back?Here's my first hand experience:While visiting a temple while on vacation, I visited on a Friday night after calling ahead to say I wanted to visit. The person on the phone said okay. I have sat zazen at a zendo before about 3 times, but not at this zendo. I normally sit alone. I have sit in different Buddhist traditions.In the third 35…See More
15 hours ago
Howard is now a member of The Tricycle Community
16 hours ago

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"Please remain still", and Zazen corrections

Posted by Howard on December 5, 2016 at 11:35am

The Road Runner

Posted by Rob on November 29, 2016 at 1:57pm

Splitting The Atom...

Posted by Bronco on July 21, 2016 at 1:12am — 20 Comments

Sedentary To Greed...

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Hi Alan, Among living poets…

Hi Alan,

Among living poets who write haiku I like Gary Snyder, though he is more well known for his longer efforts.

I looked up Virgilio, but couldn't find anything. Tell me, if you will.

I wrote this, following a 5-7-5 format, except I don't really think traditional haiku has to do that. It only has to be very short, even less than 17 syllables.

Sea of Galilee

placed, blue, God's own daughter

blood in the…

Well we could start a discuss…

Well we could start a discussion and see if others are tempted to join. :-)

Who are your favourite American/Western or non-Western haiku poets from the 1990s onwards?

Basically post-Virgilio.

From Japan:

Tohta Kaneko


Fay Aoyagi


Johannes Bjerg


Arwyn Evans

Karen Hoy

USA again:


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Finding Refuge in a Time of War


This election cycle had been a condensed version of everything Daisy Hernández learned to fear as a child of immigrants. The difference is, she now has a community.

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Tapping into the Body for Radical Change and Transformation

Small wood Buddha statute

How Somatic Meditation can help us abandon left-brain thinking and wake up

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Retreat or Fight? Both are Right.

Anti-Trump March in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 12, 2016. Photo by Susan Melkisethian |

In times of remarkable injustice, the "hands-off" Buddhist approach is not enough—we need to get off the cushion and fight.

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