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Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"All of the deceptive stuff going on politically. Reminds me of the Dalai lama, leaving Tibet, in the ago. When China, invaded his beloved country. Many things are not right currently in the people world. And someone is stirring up all kinds of…"
31 minutes ago
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"Thanks for the music MD. However, I will watch them later. Maybe I messed up the website but I have checked it again, seems right. Watch this, then ask, how did we get here. This gentleman's video on the YouTube, has been so popular, that…"
2 hours ago
Mark Drew commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
" Resurrection as defined in the blog............ "
9 hours ago
Mark Drew commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
" "
11 hours ago
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"Neil Diamond. Song. America. Just witnessed a video, which fits perfectly with my reasoning. Something is radically wrong in the people world. Never done by me before, however, there is a first time for everything. http://www.Youtube/watch…"
13 hours ago
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
" Be victorious over your self, and not over others, is another step towards enlightenment..."
22 hours ago
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
" Already there has been a reaction Flo. See how it works in many mysterious ventures..."
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction Flo. You are acting for someone other, and that is not right. Did Buddha, or Jesus, let go, in their quest for all mankind. Good job they didn't hey, we would still be snarling like wild…"

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