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Wulf Losee commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
"A Slice of Blackberry Pie when we dropped by you were sitting in a pale blue chair watching your endpoint approach our chat about the election results and that slice of blackberry pie that we brought were distractions you determinedly consumed…"
Wulf Losee commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
" A Tanka for the Recently Deceased when friends recently deceased visit you in dreams listen to what they tell you— but sympathetically remind them that they’re dead"
Patrick Mizelle commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
"well, I try to travel light, but I usually manage to end up with plenty of baggage"
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Hi Alan, Among living poets…

Hi Alan,

Among living poets who write haiku I like Gary Snyder, though he is more well known for his longer efforts.

I looked up Virgilio, but couldn't find anything. Tell me, if you will.

I wrote this, following a 5-7-5 format, except I don't really think traditional haiku has to do that. It only has to be very short, even less than 17 syllables.

Sea of Galilee

placed, blue, God's own daughter

blood in the…

Well we could start a discuss…

Well we could start a discussion and see if others are tempted to join. :-)

Who are your favourite American/Western or non-Western haiku poets from the 1990s onwards?

Basically post-Virgilio.

From Japan:

Tohta Kaneko


Fay Aoyagi


Johannes Bjerg


Arwyn Evans

Karen Hoy

USA again:


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An elementary gym teacher and Zen practitioner asks mindfulness expert Sandra Delaney if mindfulness is doing children more harm than good.

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