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Florence Rastogi commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"From a post on Fbook : ... a light-hearted suggestion by somebody called Nick Booker-Soni... on June 23 'Dear Britain, Should you have voted to leave the EU by the time I wake up - don’t worry - I have a solution that should relieve both…"
14 hours ago
Florence Rastogi commented on the blog post 'Sedentary To Greed...'
"Bronco, the only time i visited the RK2 group Hokey Pokey was just to say hello. That was about 4 years ago. .... but i do meet her occasionally on your blog posts - that is, when you don't shoo her away."
14 hours ago
Florence Rastogi commented on the group 'Disabled and Chronic Illness'
"Ah, you are a good one at remembering, Mark.... Noor, the White Rose, Joan of Arc, even the Buddha. (i remember this about you!) Thanksfully there are the story-tellers and the keepers of the past, without whom all would be soon forgotten. i…"
15 hours ago
Florence Rastogi commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"Bronco, my comments about the British Empire were not derogatory, nor inflammatory. Historical facts. About the same can be said about the French, Deutch, and many other countries who once enriched themselves with their various colonies.......…"
15 hours ago
Mark Drew commented on the group 'Disabled and Chronic Illness'
"The Writer's Almanac American Public Media Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2016 Marriage by Jim Harrison Listen Online I just remembered a serious argument. On my seventy-fifth birthday I had the firm sense that I was a hundred seventy-five. She disagreed.…"
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Sedentary To Greed...'
"British politics in crap order, brought about by their own deceptive practices. Now Britain, has retrieved it's freedom once again, by the dogged determination of it's people nothing more than that. We have had no quality leadership for…"
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"Even with all of your derogatory comments Flo, plus your inflammatory remarks regarding our Empire. You omitted to mention the great rapport between both India, and Britain, currently. Plus you omitted to mention how many immigrants you have taken…"
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Resurrection...'
"And now India has become a prosperous trading Nation. Britain still gives them Millions of pounds of our money, which is not required by the Indian authorities. Our own infrastructure is in decline, as is our NHS. As are our education…"

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you read her your very best t…

you read her your very best

too windy, she says 

try something else . . . maybe haiku

the first line requires a thousand years before you even start

the last line belongs to infinity

you have fallen well short of both

you best get started

so I begin

and live here, now . . .

Merci Florence. Taking in the…

Merci Florence.

Taking in the bird feeder at night, now — when I remember.         One of the sweeter acts of behavior by a monkey, I imagine. Are hibiscus blooms a temptation?

         maple falls 

    splashing  pond

mid soup 


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