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Bronco commented on the blog post 'What kind Of Fuel Am I...'
" Your info arrives late my friend, I found out by direct experience, how else...Beep beep..."
2 hours ago
P D Quick commented on the blog post 'Pre-Meditiation'
"Neither by virtue nor merit, does life grace the living, and curse the dead. Change, as random as raindrops, as constant as wind, makes a topography in time. It's features present as obstacles to some, impediments to dreams, pinnacles for…"
6 hours ago
Patrick Mizelle commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
"Well, it works anyway--claim it!  ;) "
9 hours ago
P D Quick commented on the group 'Near Term Human Extinction'
"and of course, Nothing, awaits You."
9 hours ago
P D Quick commented on the group 'Near Term Human Extinction'
"You, await nothing."
10 hours ago
P D Quick commented on the blog post 'What kind Of Fuel Am I...'
"The red one is over the top; the black strapless is killer!"
10 hours ago
Florence Rastogi commented on the group 'Near Term Human Extinction'
"Oh, i don't think i can wait this long."
12 hours ago
Wulf Losee commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
"Doh! Not a purposeful play on words. I'm just losing my ability to double-check my spelling without a spell-checker. On top of that, I'm dealing with Chinese characters that can mean two completely different things. For instance, the…"
12 hours ago

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What kind Of Fuel Am I...

Posted by Bronco on October 30, 2014 at 3:42am — 10 Comments


Posted by P D Quick on October 26, 2014 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

Good grief! More pain and suffering.

Posted by rudi on October 22, 2014 at 11:30pm — 8 Comments

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Flo, Gary, Will, to ..…

Flo, Gary, Will, to ...   

      [ dot, dot, dot ] ...

Lorna, Will,  Florence,  gla…

Lorna, Will,  Florence,  glad my dada-ventures are spurring us on...

I saw what it was, I went out on a culture walk, and there was a sculpture of a samsui worker woman sitting on a stone, and her head wrapped in a red turban of sorts, covering her ears, the flap of that head-piece acting like a peak cap that covers the face, her neck exposed, and the glint of the sun on it, is not so odd,  these things happen to all of us, ...glimpses of something, not complete…




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But for a Moment

Asher Lipson

After his cancer diagnosis, a young man grapples with the question of how best to use what little time he has left.

Less than a month ago the Tricycle editors received a note from a young man named Asher Lipson. It began:

“My name is Asher Lipson, I am 24 years old, and I have stage 4 cancer, a rare sarcoma that has spread to my lungs and brain. I was diagnosed just after graduating from college at the beginning of 2013. My oncologist has told me to carefully prioritize the things I want to do for the next year, because I may well die within that space of time.”

Asher told us of his spiritual journey, one that included Judaism, Catholicism, Unitarian Universalism, and ultimately, Buddhism. He wanted to know whether we would be interested in publishing his writing.

Before we could get back to him, Asher passed away. But we had been moved by his words.

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Not Two

David Gottlieb

A JuBu draws support from the way both faith traditions teach of the almighty one.

At 6 a.m., my teacher strikes the singing bowl. The tone spirals out, becomes hollow. At the center of a room emptied of sound, we sit cross-legged, facing a brick wall. Slowly the mind quiets, the breath deepens; the sounds from outside seep through the bricks—a jogger, two kids laughing and arguing their way to the bus stop, an ambulance, a helicopter.

Right now there is no text, no prayer, no millennia of continuity, no God inspecting my deeds. There is my teacher and there is me, sinking below the turbulence in which I had swum for four decades. When my teacher strikes the bowl again, it jars me back to the surface. As the sound once again spools out—my lungs are open, my head is clear, and my knees ache. With silence and stillness, another day begins.

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Against the Stream

Rikki Gunton

A film portrait of dharma teacher Josh Korda

In this short film, Josh Korda recounts his journey from young substance abuser to meditation teacher at Dharma Punx NYC. If we can learn, Korda says, to appreciate the ephemeral nature of everything we have, we'll never feel like there's anything missing from life.

Rikki Gunton is a photographer, nonfiction filmmaker, and yoga teacher living in New York City.

More from Josh Korda

Now What?
Life as a Recovering Addict

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