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Bronco commented on the blog post 'emptiness'
" Committed a few heists have you PDQ. I always knew there was some=thing dodgy about your persona. Especially when you described the fragrance left behind..."
1 hour ago
Bronco commented on the blog post 'emptiness'
" Well at least there is conversation going on. Much better than ignorance, even worse ignoring. Who knows what people know, or even think. One will never know until dialogue begins. That is of course if that is what one wants..."
1 hour ago
Marty Maceda commented on the blog post 'emptiness'
"I guess it just goes to show if you ask people "what do you know?" that some may replyand perhaps honestly trybut  will you know what they know? Probably no."
5 hours ago
P D Quick commented on the blog post 'emptiness'
"burglary always makes my lower bowels loose"
7 hours ago
P D Quick commented on the blog post 'BLOG'
7 hours ago
P D Quick commented on the blog post 'BLOG'
"Beautifully colored bottom-feeder."
7 hours ago
Rebecca K. commented on the blog post 'BLOG'
7 hours ago
anna grace replied to the discussion 'Haiku Corner' in the group Tricycle Community Poetry Club
"Flo,   is  nebulous pardah of tears                                            and the moon   not saying it all ? I…"
8 hours ago

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Desire fails at the end of the road

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Flo,   is  nebulous pardah…



nebulous pardah of tears       

                                    and the moon  

not saying it all ?

I like what you say about the Ryokan poem,  yes,  fire was always used to cleanse and energise, the Zorashtrians, the Hindus, ... 

Maybe another meaning for Ryo…

Maybe another meaning for Ryokan's  poem could be... a spiritual spring cleaning, (or rather, an automn cleaning) - an 'autodafe', in that small temple..... to burn the old dry leaves, gathered by the wind.. ?




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Mindfulness at Moonshine Hollow

Belden C. Lane

Seeking an escape from the hum of academic life, a theology professor finds solace among the stone cliffs and sycamore trees of southeast Missouri.

The locals call it Moonshine Hollow, or Mooner's Hollow, partly because of the haunting character of the moonlight in this small, isolated valley. It forces you to pay attention to the thousand shades of shadow and light you'd never thought to distinguish before. The phenomenon has something to do with the curvature of the ravine here, as light reflects off stone cliffs above and the lithe, white limbs of sycamore trees below. Whatever accounts for it, Moonshine Hollow is well named.

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Tricycle Talks: Andrew Holecek, The Good Death

A conversation with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Andrew Holecek

Tricycle Talks: Now in iTunes

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Stephen Colbert: The 15th Dalai Lama?

The host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report makes a stunning announcement.

In 2007, Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, announced his run for President of the United States. Now, in the midst of this week’s media frenzy regarding the question of the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso's successor, Colbert dropped another bombshell on the Nation: he will be the 15th Dalai Lama.

Finally, a successor that both Tibetans and China can agree on.

On a more serious note, the media, at the least at first, got this story mostly wrong. Read our coverage here.

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