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Bronco commented on the blog post 'Do U Love That Body...'
"Nice to know we are still being vetted Flo, in the nicest possible way of course. A kind of steadying influence on the periphery, deciphering all the information. like a washing machine after introducing added fabric conditioner. It all comes…"
58 minutes ago
Bronco commented on the blog post 'Do U Love That Body...'
"Then inform us of your own experiences Maude. We have heard enough of quoting the quotes. Let us expand on what we do for others all around us. Yes it is a way of being there for others, with or without a crisis. Well bring it on lady, we all wanna…"
1 hour ago
David Clark commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
"Brian, that's tough and unflinching stuff. Powerful!"
4 hours ago
David Clark commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
". I stood out last night and watched the show for quite some time. This morning, still groggy, I got this poem for my efforts. "Blood-Moon" Eclipse - April 14, 2014 In the deep vault of night   The great engine of Time   Winds…"
4 hours ago
Maude Wolfe commented on the blog post 'Do U Love That Body...'
"Thanks, Florence. Ditto on your remarks about the stimulating conversations between Loto and Bronco. Hearts beating to the rhythm of love have an electromagnetic field (as all hearts do) that extends for a few feet and influence the hearts within…"
5 hours ago
Brian Howlett, sensei commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
"Clarity In Sleep it’s not like anyone’s said three’s no poetry to the rattle each inhalation is forced around a hard mucus ball lodged in the throat or deeper near the rattle lay down and the inhalation stops altogether the…"
7 hours ago
morgan zo callahan commented on the group 'Full Moon Poetry Society'
""flesh of that instant" With Robert, I really find that a penetrating phrase, Wulf. Watched eclipse last night, Deanna, and then wrote this poem 4-14/15-14 moon milky full gray furred glowing black face veiling unseen hand…"
10 hours ago
Florence Rastogi replied to the discussion 'Links and Library - sitting by the window' in the group the Hut by the River
"Finished all three. Thank you."
10 hours ago

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Do U Love That Body...

Posted by Bronco on April 13, 2014 at 12:59pm — 19 Comments

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No One Is Coming

Posted by Lotophage on April 3, 2014 at 11:24am — 33 Comments

Three gates

Posted by Lotophage on March 23, 2014 at 1:00am — 28 Comments

What is Happiness ?

Posted by Terry Firma on March 17, 2014 at 1:42pm — 39 Comments

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Saturday drive miles of red-b…

Saturday drive

miles of red-buds

singing with full abandon 

Thanks!  More gardening oppor…

Thanks!  More gardening opportunities where I'm going, Florence, with a less extreme climate.  Gardens are great training for art and life--always moving, always the unexpected, and in no way permanent.  And bees if we do it right and don't succeed in killing them all off.

that light through dogwoods yesterday

                                          was that the peak of spring?




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Enlightening Conversations: The Importance of Friendship

A discussion with Jungian analyst Polly Young-Eisendrath and Buddhist author Mark Matousek

“Friendship is a binding glue in all mature, loving relationships.”

In this exclusive conversation, Jungian analyst and mindfulness teacher Polly Young-Eisendrath speaks with Buddhist author Mark Matousek on the importance of friendship for our psychological and spiritual growth. “People don’t give friendship the importance it deserves, especially when they think about how it teaches us to love," says Matousek. "If lovers are depicted face-to-face, deeply in love, then friends should be depicted side-by-side, ready to take on the world together.”

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Peter Matthiessen, Writer and Zen Priest, Dies at 86

Alex Caring-Lobel

Peter Matthiessen—prolific author, naturalist, activist, and Zen priest—passed away at his home in Sagaponack, NY, on Saturday, April 5. He was 86.

His death—three days prior to the release of his newest novel, In Paradise—marks the end of his struggle with leukemia, for which he was undergoing chemotherapy.

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Bridging the Gap

Noa Jones

Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Nepal updates the age-old tradition of the scholar-practitioner

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